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    第三部分 英语

Part 1

1. Attempt to balance the budget were so successful that analysts projecting a ----- of $2 million over four years.

A. price

B. surplus

C. check

D. penalty

2. If you have any information regarding the identity of the man ----- left his car parked in the lot overnight, please contact the security department.

A. who

B. whom

C. whose

D. which

3. Experience suggests that small, integrated organizations can operate ----- in critical situations than large firm can.

A. efficiently

B. more efficient

C. efficiency

D. more efficiently

4. After ten years spent trying ----- to become the number-one west coast service provider, the corporation finally succeeded.

A. high

B. down

C. hard

D. soon

5. Many oil companies are now making alternative energy ----- in an effort to remain competitive in future energy markets.

A. payments

B. contributions

C. donations

D. investments

6. The newspaper identified the journalist ----- wrote the anonymous editorial predicting a stock market crash.

A. which

B. whose

C. who

D. whom

7. The government agency looks control of the oil industry in a desperate attempt to ----- the wildly fluctuating market prices.

A. acquire

B. stabilize

C. assemble

D. translate

9. Out of all the people ---- to speak at the meeting, only one advocated changing the firm’s current financial policies.

A. chose

B. were choosing

C. chosen

D. had chosen

10. ---- how much the price of our shares rises, we may be able to offer shareholders a larger return on their investments.

A. Depending on

B. Resulting from

C. Leading to

D. Relying on

11. After much deliberation, the bank clerk ----- agreed to offer Ms. Johnson a loan in spite of her poor credit history.

A. steadily

B. reluctantly

C. comfortably

D. inevitably

12. The writing in the article must be as ----- as possible so that all readers can understand the complex issue.

A. clear

B. clearer

C. clearest

D. clearly

13. The ----- of another sudden stock market crash keeps many middle-class citizens from investigating their money.

A. encounter

B. prospect

C. conclusion

D. refusal

14. Ms. McMahon would like to speak with ----- attended the annual accounting seminar in Phoenix last weekend.

A. anyone

B. however

C. everybody

D. whoever

15. The repairperson could not find the specific problem ----- had caused the computer to crash.

A. how

B. whom

C. what

D. that

16. According to the sales director, Ms. Elms is ----- to one of our subsidiaries to collaborate with its sales team.

A. delivering

B. visiting

C. transferring

D. replacing

17. We need to conduct extensive background research on the firms from ----- we received bids.

A. which

B. where

C. that

D. when

18. The director decided to delegate some of the work to a subcontractor after his employees ----- help with the project.

A. inquired

B. requested

C. asked

D. insisted

19. Employees ----- to transfer to the new branch office will receive reimbursements for all moving expense, as well as a bonus.

A. direct

B. directed

C. directing

D. direction

20. Support structure under the Main St Bridge has corroded ----- faster than the bridge’s designer had predicted.

A. a lot

B. so too

C. very

D. real

21. The team manager charged Michelle Palamides with the task of ----- the department’s webpage for the company’s new intranet.

A. design

B. designing

C. to design

D. designed

22. Dr. Calerin’s efforts could lead to the development of a treatment for cancer, but they have received ----- media attention.

A. least

B. a few

C. little

D. fewer

23. Ms. Arroya says that when workshop ----- begins to slow down, it may be time to hire more workers.

A. product

B. producer

C. produce

D. productivity

24. An investigation by the committee uncovered ----- instances in which the institution’s resources had been misused.

A. none

B. any

C. no

D. much

25. Ms. Hartfield will make an excellent executive because, when confronted with a problem, she knows ----- what course of action to take.

A. hastily

B. urgently

C. abruptly

D. instantly

26. The advertisement for the security guard position says that applicants must be able to remain ----- for six hours straight.

A. alert

B. observable

C. discovered

D. obvious

27. It will take at least two weeks for the board members to review ----- work on the budget proposals.

A. ours

B. we

C. our

D. us

28. Surprisingly, the nation’s high rate of unemployment has only affected ----- stock prices in the technology market so far.

A. a little

B. a few

C. most of

D. much of

29. Though they are not possess the best technology, never underestimate the ----- of a determined manager working with motivated staff members.

A. price

B. grade

C. value

D. cost

30. The management believes that ----- all of the damaged goods will cost more than hiring a contractor to repair them.

A. replacements

B. replaces

C. replaced

D. replacing

31. To reduce confusion and inefficiency, ----- office supplies should now be ordered through the new online system.

A. none

B. every

C. most of

D. all

32. Once we begin ----- these files according to their content and date, our computer network drive will seem less confusing.

A. organize

B. organized

C. organizing

D. organizes

33. This position requires someone who is ----- of making complex decisions in a high-pressure environment.

A. qualified

B. skillful

C. powerful

D. capable

34. Ms. Adams is hoping that the committee officers will consider ----- request for a new computer system soon.

A. herself

B. she

C. her

D. hers

35. Contests that promise cash prizes for winners are often used by employer to ----- their workers.

A. predict

B. transfer

C. discharge

D. motivate

36. Once Mr. Sato finishes showing the ----- around the facility, the interview process will begin.

A. applicators

B. applications

C. appliances

D. applicants

37. The chapter on reimbursements in the employee handbook advises ----- to report any travel expenses to the financial department.

A. our

B. us

C. we

D. ourselves

38. You are cordially invited to a formal ----- being held in honor of the company’s new vice president.

A. receipt

B. receiving

C. receiver

D. reception

39. Team members must understand that the project they have ----- will demand all of their time and energy.

A. removed

B. completed

C. undertaken

D. overheard

40. Anyone who wishes to join the senior marketing team should be ----- that we work longer hours than most other members of the firm.

A. known

B. aware

C. careful

D. noticeable